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Retail cleaning


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We do Green Cleaning at your request!

Retail Cleaning

Cleanliness leaves a lasting impression, this is what we want your customers to feel after entering and leaving, a lasting impression on your Business.

J&O Cleaning Services Inc. has a staff of employees fully trained in all aspects of Cleaning. We are one of the only cleaning services company to offer and work with your time needs, and schedules for your retail business. It is vital to keep your Retail Business premises clean, your customers would enjoy shopping, eating,etc. A Clean environment will leave a good impression on them as well. We provide any cleaning services your Retail Business needs, Just fill out our "Get A Detailed Quote Link" and let us reply back with a Quote, Satisfaction Guaranteed in all our services.

We work on your Businesses terms of need, We understand you are busy, leave the stress of cleaning in our hands.

Retail Bathroom Cleaning Services

J&O Cleaning Services Inc. cleans your bathroom when you need us to at your time schedule. This is to keep it clean, spotless, and smelling good for your customers satisfaction. This is a specific service we provide for retail stores as well as restaurants.

Did you know?

  • Stats show 70% of customers don’t go or shop again at a retail store with a restroom that is not fully cleaned at all times, they compare the restroom to the whole store.

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