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Office/Hotel/Commercial Cleaning


Office/Hotel/Commercial Cleaning


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Office/Hotel/Commercial Cleaning

We'll do the work you concentrate on your business!

A clean business is crucial to impress customers and improving morale among your employees. J & O Cleaning Services Inc. helps your company maintain a professional atmosphere day after day.

We can customize a cleaning program specifically for your company. We have the resources and expertise to do the job correctly from the very first time. Our representatives will be at your service to ensure your office an excellent customized cleaning.

Our staff has the training and experience necessary to treat your workspace with care and integrity. We make sure to be at maximum efficiency all the time.

We, are proud to offer competitive pricing on short- and long-term cleaning and janitorial contracts for your company offices or hotels. Our efficient staff will work around your hours of operation to ensure a clean environment for both your private and public spaces.

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Green Cleaning available upon request

Office/Hotel/Commercial Cleaning
Office/Hotel/Commercial Cleaning