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We are an insured company!
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Green Cleaning
Retail Cleaning
Retail Bathroom Cleaning
Office/Commercial Cleaning
Hotel Cleaning
Residential/Housekeeping Cleaning
Floor Stripping and Waxing
Event and Party Cleaning
Our Services Include
  • Individual or Team Cleaning
  • All Equipment and Supplies
  • All Green Cleaning
    Equipment and Supplies
    When Requested

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J&O Cleaning Services

J&O Cleaning Services Inc. is a family owned business in business for nearly 11 years, we have offered specialized cleaning services to some of the most demanding clientele throughout New York. J&O Cleaning Services INC prides itself in providing top-quality cleaning and service to all our valued customers. J&O Cleaning Services INC will make sure that your residential home, condo, small business, retail store, restaurant, hotel, commercial space, or office space is cleaned with precise attention to detail and utmost care and attention to the integrity of your home, business, and workspace. We are a license and insured cleaning services company.

Contact Us today to create a Cleaning plan customized to your needs, we strive for excellence!

J&O Cleaning Services Inc. will work with you to create a schedule that best fits your needs. Our services are available daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and we provide one time cleaning services if requested. We work around your busy schedule and your needs, YOUR NEEDS ARE OUR PRIORITY. We understand you are busy, leave the stress of cleaning in our hands.

Our Prices

Residential Houses/Apartments/Condos


  • Studio $60
  • One Bedroom $75
  • Two Bedroom $85
  • Small Office $70

*These prices can vary depending on Quote
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